Topeka Public Schools USD 501

District Citizens Advisory Council (DCAC)


  • To provide a vehicle by which the citizens can actively advise the District in its decision-making regarding our children's education;
  • To encourage and increase parental, student, and general community involvement in school affairs;
  • To strengthen communication between school personnel and parents; and
  • To increase understanding among all people of the various communities within our District.

The District Citizens Advisory Council serves in an advisory capacity to the Board of Education. The Council consists of parent/patron representatives from each school, community agencies and organizations, and student organization(s) from each high school. DCAC members become familiar with the objectives and philosophy of the school district. Members represent their constituency at Council meetings and report back to their school's PTO or Booster Club about DCAC activities. Members also participate in study committees that examine important educational concerns within the district.

Join the Council!

DCAC representatives may be selected by the Principal, elected by the school's PTO or appointed by leadership of community organizations. Selection is based on enthusiasm and evidence of committment.

If you are interested in serving on the DCAC, please contact your school's PTO or Principal. If you have other questions about DCAC, you are welcome to contact DCAC Liaison Ron Harbaugh at 295-3047.