Topeka Public Schools USD 501

Get Involved

People working togetherTopeka Public Schools believes in the power of involving parents, adults and the community in the educational lives of young people. TPS provides a variety of opportunities for everyone, whatever your comfort level or skill set, to get involved.

Topeka Public Schools Foundation
The Topeka Public Schools Foundation's mission is to enhance educational opportunities for all students through a partnership of our community and its public schools.
Volunteer in School
This is hands-on: pen-pals, reading partners, classroom or office assistance, guest speakers. A few minutes of your time in a day can brighten both your life and the life of a child.
School Health Council
Members of the Health Council come from throughout the community. Its purpose is to create a healthier school environment for students and staff. Maybe it will include you!
Parent-Teacher Organizations
PTOs have long been the backbone of support for individual schools. Get involved in your PTO and make a difference in your kid's school!
District Citizens Advisory Council (DCAC)
DCAC members, representing every school in the district, study important educational issues and make recommendations to the Board. Their monthly meetings involve staff presentations on various topics and participation in open discussion on key issues.
Parent Advisory Committee to the Indian Education Program (PACIEP)
The goals of this parent committee are to increase student attendance rates, reduce dropout rates, and increase graduation rates for Native American students in Topeka Public Schools. Contact Karen Shanks at 438-4298 orĀ click here for more information about Indian Education services.