Topeka Public Schools USD 501

Writing Assessments

Preparing District Writing Assessments for Scoring Day, Friday, April 25

Preparation Main Points

  • Video is helpful!!!!
  • Writing Assessment final copy: cover all student information - first & last name, school, and teacher’s name. Make sure that additional pages have student information covered.
  • Rater form: 1. to cover student information, fold rater form down to line up with the top line of the "Trait" section, 2. Cover teacher's score with blue tape – this should also secure the folded section. Make sure that the rater number is bubbled in. The rater number is the teacher's employee ID number.
  • Place the rater form inside the writing assessment booklet or paper clip – do not staple – to the backside of assessment.
  • If student uses more paper for their writing assessment, staple on the top left of the assessment.

Blue Tape

  • Need more – ask co-workers, if they do not have any to spare call Rose x3084.
  • Please send unused blue tape to Assessment & Evaluation, Burnett, Pod B.

Instructions for Administration, Preparation & Return of the District Writing Assessments - Detailed Description

Typed Writng Assessment

  • Students need to use the Writing Assessment (WA) template designed by the Assessment and Evaluation (A&E) Department. This template has been designed to ensure consistency in font size and style, placement of student and teacher name, grade, and school.
  • TIP: To save paper when printing, select duplex to print front and back copies.

Hand Written Writing Assessment

  • If you need more final copy booklets, please call the A&E Department @ x3084, or email Rose at
  • TIP: Please have students write their teacher's name below the school name on the WA booklet. This will help with distribution to schools and teachers after the scoring session.
  • If students need additional paper for their assessment, staple the additional sheets to the final copy form. Since the additional sheets will be stapled, please advise your students not to write their name on the additional sheets.

Rating Forms

  • If you need more rating forms for new students, please call Rose in the A&E Department @ x3084, or email her at
  • If you request more rating forms, please make sure you complete all student information: student name in PowerSchool, school name, teacher name, grade level, and bubble in students' Topeka Public Schools 6-digit ID#.

Return & Preparation of Writing Assessments (WA) to Assessment & Evaluation (A&E)

  • High School: If using the hand written WA, staple additional pages where instructed on the WA form, fold on dotted line, and tape closed. If the WA is typed, follow the steps for grades K-11 below.
  • K-11 grades: 
    1. Place the 1" X 4" blue tape over the student information and the 1.5" X 2" blue tape over the score that you give each student (see examples below).
    2. Place the rating form inside the final copy booklet or paper clip together. Please do not staple the WA and the rating form together, this interferes with the scanning process.
    3. Please return any unused blue tape and unused WA forms in a separate container to be used another year.
    4. Please have all WAs to A&E by April 18.
  • It is VERY VERY important to bundle the WA by grade level at your school when you are preparing them for the district scoring session. Since you are placing the blue tape over the student information, it would very time consuming to look under all the tape to distinguish between grade levels. Label each grade bundle with the correct grade level. WAs can be sent in the pony or delivered to the A&E Department by building staff.

If you have any further questions, please call A&E x3084 or email Rose at